wedding cake

Cake for a wedding in Italy

Your Italian wedding cake… What will it be?

Decorated with flowers and starfish? Or with a bride and groom topping?

Three-tiered or flat like a pancake?

As long as the two of you cut it together, and the bride’s hand…

The bride’s hand will control the groom’s actions-as Italian tradition dictates. 

The history of the wedding cake in Italy

At first, 400 years ago, only wealthy Europeans could afford a wedding dessert. All guests brought buns and cookies to the wedding, of which a slide was laid out, the height of which symbolized the future prosperity of the young couple.

What does the wedding cake symbolize in Italy?

The modern version of the wedding cake was born at the end of the 19th century in England. The round shape means that the young couple is patronized by heaven (remember, the wedding ring — a symbol of love and fidelity, a circle that never opens)…

The presence of several tiers at the wedding cake is a symbolic staircase on which the husband and wife will walk for the rest of their lives, sharing joy and sorrow. Sometimes the lower tiers are made separate from each other, which means that their bride and groom passed separately, and the upper — together. Such a cake is an accurate embodiment of the life of the couple before and after the wedding.

The wedding cake, which is served to the guests at the end of the celebration, begins to be cut by the young husband (and on his hand, holding the knife, must necessarily lie the hand of his wife).

The bride then serves the cake first to her husband, then to her mother-in-law, then to her mother-in-law and father-in-law, and finally to the witnesses. This is how she demonstrates that she has taken on the role of hostess in the new family.

What kind of cakes are there?

It is believed that the wedding cake should be beautiful in the first place, and then delicious. He is a symbol, so most importantly, how it looks and how it will remain in your photos.

If you are thinking about a cake, the first thing you have to do is to choose how it will look and send us a photo. After we get in touch with the confectioner, he will begin to offer filling options: it can be a soft biscuit, or dough “mille folle”, which means a thousand layers, or another option. And creams and different flavors simply can not be counted, and we can say that the creation of the cake is a creative process, reminiscent of sewing a dress in the studio of the famous fashion designer: repetitions and stamps here can not be!

There are five types of wedding cake in Italy:

  1. The so-called “naked cake”, with no cream coating;
  2. Decorated with fruit, or rather glued on all sides;
  3. A cake, which you can see on the photos in glossy magazines, covered with icing sugar;
  4. And the tiered structure of cakes (or colorful ice cream cones).

A cream cake

Can be any color and shape. Try to keep it in the general style of the wedding. For example, if the bride’s dress is white and the entire interior is made in pastel colors, without bright spots of color, a cake of bright yellow color is unlikely to be appropriate. Unless it is an eco-style wedding. Cost from 25 euros per kilo.

wedding cake

Cake with icing

More expensive, the cost is based on the number of people and is 4-5 euros per guest. Confectioners warn that the icing is edible, but will not be to everyone’s taste, so guests sometimes leave it on the plates. The inside of the cake will consist of whatever you want, you just need to let us know your preferences.

A variety of cakes with frosting are cakes depicting scenes with different characters. You can imagine in this way the story of your acquaintance or what your family will be like in many years…

Cakes with frosting, because they can be given a clear shape and quite bright hues, can be a separate element of decor at a themed wedding, and even a symbol of it.

Once a couple who have a pet ordered us a cake with figures of themselves and a gray cat, – all were supposed to place on top of the third tier… The cat unfortunately did not come to wedding, it had to leave at home in Petersburg, but at least so its presence was felt…

If your holiday will be more than 20 guests, it is best to take care of the cake in advance by ordering it a month and a half. The fact is that the laborious work of cutting out figures, flowers and lace with icing sugar can take the masters of the whole day. Therefore, for a single order frees up a whole day.

The cost of the cake depends on its size and the number of figures.

You can decorate the cake with flowers, beads, feathers, whatever you want! In Italy, they like to put a figure of the bride and groom on top of the cake. There is a joke that the husband tries to get first and unscrew the head of his wife, so she thinks less, and the wife – the husband’s head, so he did not look around after the wedding 

The fantasy of Italian masters and their customers knows no limits. That’s why it’s recommended to send us a photo of the cake, so the confectioner can have a better idea of your idea. The main thing is to remember that in Italy everything is possible, even the things you can not yet imagine.

Quite often for a wedding ceremony they order cakes. They can be pink, yellow, green, blue, and lilac.

In the form of butterflies, dolphins, Mickey Mouse, decorated with fruit, chocolate, waffles, colored caramels! If the cake is made at the end of the feast, the cakes are put in friendly rows on the table at once, so that invitees can stroll around with a glass of wine in hand, talk and savor sweets when they want to. Brightly colored cakes can so decorate and enliven any table that they are often used not only as a treat, but also as an element of decor.