wedding cake

Choosing a wedding cake: 5 important factors

A beautiful ceremony, a romantic photo shoot and, of course, a wedding banquet, which is eagerly awaited by all invited guests. Therefore, the organization of this stage of the wedding celebration is given so much effort and time. And we are talking about the show program, decor and, of course, the cake. The main wedding […]

wedding cake decorated by flowers

What fresh flowers can be used to decorate cakes

Nowadays it is very fashionable to decorate cakes, especially wedding and anniversary cakes, with fresh flowers. However, there are some nuances that must be taken into account: what fresh flowers can be used to decorate cakes, how to prepare flowers before they get on your cake. That’s what we’re going to talk to you about […]

cream wedding cake

How to choose a cream wedding cake

Perhaps no wedding is without a wedding cake. This dessert is one of the “main characters” of such events and must necessarily be special, individual and fashionable. Fashionable cooking exists and dictates modern trends in the creation of wedding desserts. Wedding cakes with cream: 5 main advantages The trend 2022 in the design of cakes […]

wedding cake

How to choose a wedding cake?

The most expensive wedding cake on the planet worth 30 million dollars was studded with diamonds! Wedding cake is not a simple dessert, it is one of the main decorations of the wedding banquet and a tribute to tradition. It’s hard to imagine how the celebration can end without the young couple cutting off the […]

transport a wedding cake

How to transport a wedding cake in the car by yourself

The guests are invited, the outfits are bought, and there are only hours left until the main celebration in life. In addition to the gathering, there is another very important and honorable thing to do – the transportation of the wedding cake to the banquet hall. When looking at the magnificent masterpieces of pastry chefs […]