wedding cake

Wedding Mousse Cake with Mirror Frosting

When preparing for a wedding reception, every detail is important. And often the choice of the cake is given no less attention than the choice of the venue or the newlyweds’ outfits. This is not surprising, because a beautiful dessert can decorate any holiday. Like any other dessert, wedding mousse cake has its own characteristics […]

wedding cake

Wedding cake history and modern trends

If we set aside the conventions, the history of the wedding cake is at least five thousand years old. Only instead of a cake originally was a ceremonial bread. In ancient Rome, it was baked equally from wheat and barley flour. The custom was for the bridegroom to break the bread over the bride’s head. […]

wedding cake

Fillings for wedding cakes?

During the preparation for the wedding, the bride and groom are constantly bustling: they need to choose wedding outfits, invite guests beautifully, find a presenter and a DJ and prepare many more different little things. When all the worries have already come to an end and all that is left is to order a wedding […]

flowers from mastic

Flowers from mastic by hand step by step for wedding cakes

Flowers from mastic (with your own hands step by step you can do with our material) – a wonderful and very tasty decoration for birthday cakes. Such edible flowers are made from sugar mastic – a convenient plastic material, with which even a novice craftswoman can cope. Learning to make such sweet masterpieces with your […]

wedding cake

Cakes for a wedding cake. What are they?

No one will probably not argue that no matter how beautiful the Wedding Cake is, the main thing is that it tastes good! Imagine the disappointment of guests: when a masterpiece of confectionary art, it will taste like cotton candy. And that can happen if you let the choice of cake on its own. We’re […]