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Choosing a wedding cake: 5 important factors

A beautiful ceremony, a romantic photo shoot and, of course, a wedding banquet, which is eagerly awaited by all invited guests. Therefore, the organization of this stage of the wedding celebration is given so much effort and time. And we are talking about the show program, decor and, of course, the cake.

The main wedding treat should be not only tasty, but also luxurious, spectacular and impressive. Therefore, you should pay enough attention to its choice. What to consider when ordering a wedding cake, advise portal


When calculating the weight of the wedding cake, first of all, you should take into account the number of guests. On average, you need 100-150 grams of cake per guest, or, in other words, the weight of the cake (in kg) = count guests * 0.2. But this figure should be adjusted, given the wedding menu and the composition of the cake. For example, if your guests have already tasted many dishes, and the cake is sweet and nutritious enough, the standard figure can be reduced.

Number of Tiers

The number of tiers a wedding cake has depends on its weight. On average, the number of tiers equals: the weight of the cake divided by 2. I.e. for a cake to 2-2,5 kg – 1 tier, 3-4 kg – 2 tiers, 5-6 kg – 3 tiers, etc.

If the wedding cake weighs up to 7 kg, the cakes can be arranged by the stack, if its weight is more – it is better to use special multi-tier stands.

Composition: base + filling

As the basis of the wedding cake most often use:

  • biscuit,
  • Nut and honey cakes,
  • meringue, etc.

To impregnate the cakes usually use a variety of cream: sour cream, custard, cottage cheese, yogurt, protein and butter cream. Recently, light whipped cream, wholesome cottage cheese-yogurt cream and others are becoming more and more popular. But “heavy” buttercreams are increasingly being abandoned.

Layers and fillings can be as follows:

  • cottage cheese,
  • souffle,
  • Chocolate hazelnut pastes,
  • fruits and berries,
  • boiled condensed milk, etc.

Speaking about the composition of the wedding cake, it is difficult to give exact prescriptions, only this advice: if your wedding is planned for the summer, it is better to give preference to a light cake of sponge cake with jam from fruits and berries.

If we talk about non-standard solutions for wedding cakes, which are becoming increasingly popular, then we can highlight the following options:

  • Along with the usual cakes, the cake can be composed of donuts, macaroons, cookies, etc.
  • Another interesting option – cheese circles, from which you can create an unusual wedding cake. And you can complement the cheese pyramid with berries and fruits.
  • Homemade pies and cakes are in fashion, and if you have a culinary talent, you yourself can bake a delicious treat for the wedding, choosing any wedding cake recipe you like. For example, it can be a cake with open crusts, not covered with frosting and decorated with berries and fruits. Such a fancy treat your guests will love!

Cake shape

Traditionally, wedding cake is made of round or square cakes. Less common are cakes in the shape of a heart, star, etc., as well as various kinds of themed treats: cakes in the shape of ships for a maritime wedding, pumpkin-shaped for a Cinderella-themed celebration, castle-shaped for a medieval wedding, etc.

wedding cake

Cake design

Of course, the wedding cake should not only be delicious, but also beautiful. Therefore, it is so important to think about not only its composition, but also the design. What are the options here? Plenty! It all depends on your personal preferences and style of the celebration. So as decorative elements for the wedding cake can be used:

  • Live flowers and other natural materials: greenery, twigs, autumn leaves, etc.
  • Edible elements: flowers, shiny beads, snowflakes, etc.
  • Interesting figures on top of the cake: from realistic figures of newlyweds to bright banners and cute animals.
  • Unusual color effects: from chalkboard and ombré effects to floral prints and watercolor drawings. Painted cakes have become especially popular – they look like works of art.

We’ve told you about the basic principles of choosing a cake for a wedding, from calculating it to weight to design. Going to the confectionery, find a photo of the cakes that you like in advance, decide on the weight of the treat, its shape, etc. Then you’ll make the right choice quickly and easily!