Fake wedding cake

Fake wedding cake (and not just wedding cake) with their own hands

An ordinary cake is not so surprising anymore, but except, of course, the multi-layered, meter…. A Fake wedding cake is another matter!  If you want to give a loved one or acquaintance an unusual, but at the same time handmade gift, the idea of an inedible cake is a good idea.  Now we will implement it.

What do you “eat” the cake with?

Nothing. It can be opened, and there will be a surprise in it. You can eat it (if it’s something edible).  Such a cake is made for play in kindergarten or at a children’s holiday or school play.

What is it for?

Paper cake is a separate special kind of package, which is used for festive events, meetings and holidays. Most often it is ordered for a gift to a loved one.

In one such gift, there are 12 more of the same. Inside each piece (and the pieces are 12) is hidden your personal gift. Some people make a paper cake to then put wishes, nice and warm (comforting) words in it. Well agree, beautiful decorations and an original idea!

For what days can be given as a gift?

First of all for significant events, gatherings, meetings, for example:

  • For birthdays of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren.  They will love it!
  • For weddings. Newlyweds can be presented with money in such a gift, and the words of congratulations or wishes can be written.
  • For anniversaries. Parents, grandparents will be happy to feel your care, attention and kindness, especially if you made it personally yourself.
  • For corporate parties. Why? In my – I think it’s a great idea. Happy employees – happy boss.

How to make a cake?

And now the most interesting moment – making a cake. In general, everything is simple. It does not need to spend a lot of time, you do not need to have experience. Handle even a child. True, you need a little patience, accuracy and work.

To start, think about the design (appearance) of each part of the cake. Your imagination can help, but if you’re short on imagination, copy everything from a real cake you like. You can find tons of ideas online or in any pastry store, but this is more for inspiration…

It is important to make everything according to the template.  You can either make it by hand or print it out on paper.  If you make it by hand, then all the pieces need to measure, draw on paper, attach to each other. And if you choose the printed version, it is the easiest. You just have to take the pieces and print them out. So you save time. If there is also colored cardboard, it is even better, because it comes with a pattern.

If the paper has a pattern, then it is not necessary to spend time on coloring and inventing the pattern.

Now you can cut out templates.  In places to bend it with scissors or fingernails.

Places for gluing should be glued (it is more convenient to use glue sticks for this). Only here is the last square part, which ends with a full piece, while you need to leave, just in case you want to put something there.

The final touch is the decoration. To have a stylish and harmonious look, you can use the following decorative elements:

  • beads
  • ribbon or paper bows
  • rhinestones
  • pictures of sweet treats
  • pictures of cartoon characters
  • streamers
  • colorful paper flowers
  • plasticine.

You can find lots of small and interesting things for cake fittings and wrapping at the fabric store. These are an option! It will just be meaningful and special with them.  If you know that the person to whom you want to give a gift likes to do something, like “quilling”, then you can do the coloring of the cake in this technique.  In it, you can pay attention to the patterns of fruits, flowers, plants.

Fake wedding cake

Tiered cake

Cake of several tiers are made step by step and similarly. The dimensions are chosen independently and by eye. Each subsequent tier is made after the first one by a couple of centimeters already.

How to prepare and join the layers

As a basis for the layer take 2 identical circles. Connect them with strips of paper equal to the circumference, but taking into account 1 cm for gluing on the side. To fix the sides, 2 cm are left on the long side.

The remaining corners are cut with scissors, smeared with glue and joined the sides of each circle from the back side. All layers are ready. It remains only to fasten them with PVA glue or “pencil glue” to do this. The lowest layer must stand firmly on a solid surface.

Decorating the layers

Decorate the cake in layers. Any layer except the top is decorated with visible bottom parts of the bottom and middle tier. The top layer is decorated completely. You can cover it with flowers, petals, beads or beads. Here is where there is freedom of thought!

What can you put inside the piece?

Whatever the person to whom you want to present a cake will like. It turns out, based on the preferences of the person, the personal interests of the master, his age.  It can be anything.

Valuable gifts

If the person is an adult and you are willing to spend money on him, not just to make nice, then you need to give something worthwhile. For example:

  • Car keys
  • Gift certificate
  • Jewelry
  • Small antiques
  • Facial, hair care kits (oils, creams, tongs, gels, lotions).

Imagine what a delight it will be when a person will gradually open the cake, watch the “stuffing”! Great!

Edible “prizes”

What person doesn’t love sweets?  We need to treat him! To do this, you will need:

  • Bags of assorted teas or disposable coffee
  • Candy or small chocolate bars
  • M&M’s
  • Colored crayons
  • A toy limousine or Mercedes for kids
  • Candy bars
  • Chupa Chups
  • Wrapped lollipops
  • Brownies
  • Cupcakes.

Your cake with wishes and surprises will be the most beautiful and sincere. Do you know why? Because you made it yourself, moreover, with all your heart. And I wish you nothing but success!