fillings for wedding cake

Fillings for wedding cakes

The wedding cake is an invariable favorite at the wedding banquet. The newlyweds pay special attention to its decoration. A well chosen filling for the wedding cake is no less important. After all, the dessert should be not only beautiful, but also tasty, to please the guests.

If the basis of the cake to decide is much easier, the choice of filling, to do much more difficult. The variety of structures and flavors, can throw into a stupor anyone. 

Choosing the filling for the wedding cake

In the existing variety of flavors it is difficult to decide on a choice.

Airy and low-calorie sour cream and yogurt fillings are very popular. Often, curd and cheese creams are chosen for a wedding cake for their impeccable taste and lightness.

The trend of the year is mousses and souffles. Traditional nut and caramel fillings are also a great option for a sweet dessert. So what kind of filling to choose for a wedding cake?


The delicate chocolate biscuit pairs perfectly with peanut buttercream and salted caramel, while the whole nuts and crunchy meringue make the treat incredibly delicious. Despite being quite high in calories, this nut filling for a wedding cake is in constant demand.

Still, weddings don’t happen every day, and sometimes you can treat yourself to a great rich flavor.


The crusts of this dessert are made with meringue – a delicate, airy sugar-protein cream that sets when baked. The wonderful nutty flavor comes from the combination of alternating almond cakes and buttercream with hazelnut praline and condensed milk.

The hearty, delicious Snickers and Esterhazy toppings are perfect for the bottom tier of the cake, holding the “architectural” structure securely in place.

Baileys with peaches

The basis of this unique filling is a weightless cream mousse based on Baileys Irish Cream, a popular creamy Irish liqueur. The combination of light sponge cake, cream, and white Belgian chocolate creates an inimitably delicate refined taste.

Three chocolates.

An excellent filling for sweet tooth, which combines chocolate sponge cakes and three mousse layers with bitter, milk and white chocolate. Moderately sweet and harmonious with a delicate flavor, the filling will not leave any guest indifferent.

Bird’s milk

The most delicate, weightless vanilla and cream soufflĂ© between thin shortcrust cakes – a classic example of a mousse filling that enjoys lasting popularity.

Because of their lightness, mousse fillings can only be used in a single tier dessert or the top “floor” of a cake. Mastic doesn’t hold up well to fillings like this, a great solution is mirror icing.


Airy sponge soaked in coffee-liqueur syrup, combined with an exquisite creamy custard based on Mascarpone cheese melts in the mouth, and the aroma of coffee leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Often, newlyweds choose fruit and berry fillings.

Natural berries and fruits enhance the flavor and are a great decoration.

So what’s the best filling for a wedding cake? “Mango Mango Mousse” and “Passion” with the great exotic flavors of mango and passion fruit are trending.

“Yogurt Blueberry”, “Yogurt Strawberry”, “Cherry Temptation”, “Raspberry Pistachio” are popular berry fillings with a great refreshing flavor and a slight subtle sourness.

You don’t have to surprise your guests with exotics. It’s quite enough to use familiar flavors, but in a new combination.

A delicious cake is a guarantee that guests will not leave even crumbs from it. And this means that a rich and sweet life awaits the young ones.