flowers from mastic

Flowers from mastic by hand step by step for wedding cakes

Flowers from mastic (with your own hands step by step you can do with our material) – a wonderful and very tasty decoration for birthday cakes. Such edible flowers are made from sugar mastic – a convenient plastic material, with which even a novice craftswoman can cope. Learning to make such sweet masterpieces with your own hands, you can cook and decorate cakes no worse than professional confectioners! The master class “How to make flowers from mastic” will not leave anyone indifferent.

Preparing the main ingredient

To make mastic on your own, you do not need to have master’s skills! It is enough to follow step by step the recommendations that are provided below.

  1. Sugar powder should be very fine grinding. If it contains sugar crystals – the rolled out layers will begin to tear.
  2. When gluing the parts, it is advisable to slightly moisten the docking place with water. You can also use egg white.
  3. It is better to add dyes while mixing all the ingredients for the material, but it is also allowed to dye the finished elements.
  4. There are many kinds of sugar mastic. You just need to study all the recipes and understand which one is best for the job. It is best to try all recipes to compare the end result.

Rules for mixing colors. Natural dyes are quite expensive. Therefore, to save money and time, you can mix basic colors to get the desired shade.

Delicate sweet roses

Roses made of mastic will always look appropriate on the birthday cake, as well as on the wedding cake.

Necessary materials for the work:

  • blank for the heart (mastic must dry in two days);
  • rose mold cutter;
  • tool with a ball;
  • a soft sponge mat.

At the beginning of the work it is necessary to roll out of sugar mastic thin pancakes. Apply the form and cut out a five-leaf blanks. Along the edges run tools with a ball on the end, so that the petals look more natural.

Allow the piece to dry for 10 minutes.

Then make the next layers of three petals, carefully cutting off the extra two. Each new layer start at the junction of the petals of the previous one.

After, dry the flower with the head down.

Mk on making an edible rose is ready!

Scarlet peonies

To make a peony, the same materials will be used as in the previous master class.

At the beginning of the work you need to roll out the material and cut out the shape of a peony. Trim the edges of each petal. Make “veins” on each petal. Trim the edges of the ball.

Elements to place on top of each other, connect and let dry. Then roll each petal from edge to center, simultaneously pressing down. Other petals to do the same, then gather them in bunches and glue in the middle of the flower.

Place a couple of napkins between the layers and the bundles to hold their shape. Next, spread out the petals and wait for the final drying. Peonies like these would be perfect for wedding cakes!