cream wedding cake

How to choose a cream wedding cake

Perhaps no wedding is without a wedding cake. This dessert is one of the “main characters” of such events and must necessarily be special, individual and fashionable. Fashionable cooking exists and dictates modern trends in the creation of wedding desserts.

Wedding cakes with cream: 5 main advantages

The trend 2022 in the design of cakes for weddings is to decorate the dessert with all kinds of creams. Confectioners with the help of cream and a pastry syringe work wonders – the most beautiful cream wedding cakes with ruffles, roses, beautiful patterns, etc.

Of course, the taste of the dessert depends on the base and the right cream. This is a voluminous mass, prepared most often from proteins, butter, sugar, sour cream, cream. It is used to sprinkle the cakes and as a decoration.

Wedding cakes with cream, completely covered over the entire area, are especially popular today, and it is not surprising because they have obvious advantages over other decor options.

Five main advantages of cream wedding cakes:

  1. A cake decorated with cream is much cheaper than a dessert decorated with mastic. All because the cream is much lighter, respectively, and the price will be lower.
  2. Decorate a cake for a wedding with cream can also be your own hands, the main thing is to choose a good recipe.
  3. Cream cakes are most often in light colors, because cream is rather poorly colored.
  4. Such cakes are classic wedding desserts. Most often they have a minimum of decorations, because the cream will not withstand bulky and heavy figures.
  5. The cream is as natural as possible, because it can be prepared without the use of dyes. White cream wedding cake is a trend of this season.

Top 5 popular creams for wedding cakes

The formula for the perfect cake is delicious cakes plus the most delicate cream. Selecting a dessert for a wedding, many people do not know what to stop their choice so that it was to the taste of all the guests. We offer you the most popular cake creams that everyone is likely to appreciate:

  1. Buttercream holds its shape and is great for layering biscuit cakes and as a decoration (florets in the Malaysian technique, rosettes). To make it, take butter (100g) and 4 tablespoons of powdered sugar. The butter should be softened a little beforehand, and you should beat it with a mixer, gradually pouring the powdered sugar. Once all the powder is incorporated, continue beating for about 15 minutes until the cream is fluffy. Often sweetened condensed milk (1/2 can) is added to this cream.
  2. Protein cream is most often used to cover the cake. It is made of egg whites (2 pcs.) whipped with sugar (5 tbsp.), you also need 30 ml of water and a little lemon juice.
  3. Creamy cream is popular as a layer of cakes (biscuit), and for decoration. It is very light, airy and delicate. It is made from whipped cream (fat content 33-35%), adding gelatin, eggs, berry and fruit additives, alcohol, honey, nuts and any other ingredients to taste. The only thing is that such a cream is prepared immediately before use, and you can store it in the refrigerator, but no longer than three hours.
  4. Cream Cheese (cheese and cream) is a very popular cream. It is quite easy to make, and at the same time it is tasty, slightly salty thanks to cottage cheese or cream cheese. This cream also holds its shape perfectly, which is why it is so loved by pastry chefs for decorating cakes, pies, cupcakes and mouthpieces. To make it you need 3 ingredients: cream cheese (500g.), powdered sugar (70g.) and 33% cream (100g.).
  5. Chocolate ganache is actively used as a filling for cakes, as well as for its decoration. Of course, in the heat of such a dessert can just float, so it is not often seen at summer weddings, but for wedding cakes in the cold season, it is ideal.

Which cake cream to choose is a decision that depends on your wishes and taste preferences. These are not all kinds of custards that are used to decorate wedding cakes, there are also custard, sour cream, cream Muslin. There’s also Patissiere, buttercream Charlotte, Swiss butter meringue, lemon curd, and more, a favorite of many pastry chefs.

At home, you can create a unique dessert on your own with an ordinary pastry syringe. A great solution for baking can be a single-tier cream cake for a wedding in white.

Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas with Cream

Today’s pastry chefs have many ideas on how to beautifully decorate a wedding dessert with cream. We are also ready to share a couple of ideas for those who want to create a unique delicious and beautiful cake at home:

  • It is relatively easy to decorate a wedding cake with buttercream, because the buttercream structure is quite dense. With the help of buttercream create beautiful patterns on the dessert, bows, ruffles, flowers and leaves.
  • A new trend in the design of cakes is a cake lined with roses on the entire surface of the dessert, forming a single layer. Such decor looks very delicate and natural, the charm of the dessert is able to add a technique of ambre.
  • On the cake, the cream ruffles imitate the curves of the fabric, which fill the entire surface of the dessert. Such decor looks very airy and delicate, spectacularly such design looks on tiered cakes.
  • Curls of cream are used for decor, they look beautiful in combination with fresh flowers, berries.
  • Another trend in the world of confectionary fashion 2022 is the decor of lace with cream. Such work is under the power of experienced craftsmen and looks sophisticated and delicate.

The choice of decorating a wedding cake is large, order a cake from an experienced pastry chef or make your own hands at home, creating a unique, beautiful and delicious dessert decorated with cream. It all depends on your preferences and wishes.