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How to choose a wedding cake?

The most expensive wedding cake on the planet worth 30 million dollars was studded with diamonds!

Wedding cake is not a simple dessert, it is one of the main decorations of the wedding banquet and a tribute to tradition. It’s hard to imagine how the celebration can end without the young couple cutting off the first piece of birthday cake, which is believed to bring whoever eats it many years of good luck and joy. Often the first slice is auctioned off to guests, but there’s another good tradition – giving that lucky slice to your parents.

But whatever you choose, one thing is clear – the wedding cake to be, but about how, among the many proposals to choose one, the best holiday dessert, we will talk in this article.

The right wedding cake must meet two important criteria: it must be very beautiful (so that its photo spread all over the social networks) and delicious.

Fortunately, these two qualities can be successfully combined, but for this, it is worth turning to professional confectioners.

The base of the cake

More often than not, the basis of the wedding cake is a sponge. It is light, soft and fragrant. However, the bottom tiers of the cake can not be made of biscuit. If it is tall enough, the top tiers will simply crush the bottom biscuit.

When using a stand, the tiers are not set on top of each other. Each one corresponds to its own plate. Such stands can look very festive.

Another important point: a cake that will be installed on a stand is easy to transport and serve, but for a tall biscuit tower

have to worry all the time.

Cake filling

The filling on the cake can be anything you want! It all depends on the bride and groom’s wishes. And of course, you should think about what the guests will like. Undoubtedly, it is impossible to please everyone, and yet, there are toppings that appeal to almost everyone, you just need to avoid too unusual flavor combinations.

An important point – the cream in the wedding cake should not be too greasy. By the time the cake is served, your guests will be full. And if the cake is heavy, most of them won’t be able to taste even a bite.

Yogurt, cream, fruit and berry fillings, and souffl├ęs are all good things to use for a wedding cake.

If the wedding is in the summer, choose with the pastry chef those ingredients that won’t spoil in a few hours in the heat or lose their appearance. 

If the wedding is in the summer, choose with the pastry chef those ingredients that won’t spoil in the heat in a few hours and won’t lose their appearance. 

Cake Decor

As mentioned at the beginning, the cake should surprise and delight. It will be one of the most memorable moments of the wedding and will be captured on all cameras and phones. Confectioners now present a luxurious selection of different decorations.

The cake can be covered with all kinds of icing and cream flowers. The decoration of the top can be live flowers (which will give the dessert a certain charm) or figures of the bride and groom. By the way, these figures can also look very different: romantic or humorous, or maybe it will be your favorite cartoon characters?

If you don’t want to use classic figurines, you can decorate the top of the cake with two swans, hearts or wedding rings.

Careful consideration should be given to matching the cake to the style of the wedding. If your celebration is decorated in a rustic or rustic style, a loaf or pies would be a much more appropriate final dish. A cake with cream, cream and roses will look strange.

wedding cake

How big should a wedding cake be?

The size and weight of the wedding cake is chosen on the basis that each guest should get approximately 120 grams of wedding cake.

By the way, it is not as little as it may seem at first. Take into account that many people will simply refuse the cake, but there will be sweet eaters who will eat a few slices. So calculate the amount of cake so that each guest will definitely have one slice left, and let there be a few extra.

It’s not terrible at all if there’s a little cake left over for the second day, but spending a huge amount of money on a dessert of 5 tiers if you have a wedding for 30 people is not rational.

The world’s largest wedding cake is 18 meters 5 centimeters high. Seventy-five people worked on it.

The weight is 5 tons.

Now at some weddings you can see “cakes” made of cakes. The cakes are beautifully laid out on a special stand, and the whole construction is crowned with a small cake, from which the young people can traditionally cut the first piece.

The pluses of such a wedding dessert are that it is easy to transport, and the number of cakes is easier to calculate. In addition, you can order cakes decorated in the same style, but with different fillings and from different dough. Then each guest can find something to his taste.

Care should be taken to match the cake style to the wedding. If the celebration you have decorated in a rustic or rustic style, much more appropriate final dish will be loaf or cake. Cake with cream, cream and roses will look strange.

However, it is possible to please different tastes of guests by making different tiers of a large cake.

One last tip

Confectioneries necessarily offer cake delivery to the banquet place. Usually it is not cheap, and young people often prefer to save money, thinking that they can easily cope with the transportation of the cake. This is a very reckless

thinking. Carrying several kilograms of airy sponge cake with cream and

decorations – a task that can only be performed by a professional. Saving on shipping, you can be left without any cake at all or be content with the one you had to buy in a hurry and which does not meet your ideas and wishes.

We hope that our tips will help you, and the cake will be a worthy decoration for your wedding!