cut a cake at a wedding

How to cut a cake at a wedding? Cutting the cake together by the newlyweds

It would seem that what could be easier than cutting a wedding cake? The pre-wedding hustle and bustle sometimes makes it so exhausting to solve complex tasks and comply with all the important traditions, that when it comes to the final part, the newlyweds relax and do not always know how to properly handle the main dessert of the festive evening. In fact, it turns out that even cutting the cake by the bride and groom has its own characteristics and order. Let’s understand in detail the question of how to cut the cake at a wedding not to spoil it, and everyone got a cherished piece.

Wedding cake and tiered cake: eating in two!

Large wedding cakes, like works of art, are always awe-inspiring and scary to cut. Pastry chefs decorate this dessert so much, decorate it with so many delicious decorations, that to break it seems sacrilege.

And not trying the culinary miracle means not completing the wedding properly and to the end.

Experts say that it will be correct to cut a tiered cake, starting from the bottom tier. The topmost tier should be left for the second day of the wedding and eat it with the closest friends and relatives.

But the edible figures of the bride and groom, if they have any, it is customary to leave them until the first anniversary.

True here is the shelf life of these food accessories, it is desirable to clarify with the confectioner in advance. However, it is not the worst option, if these delicacies are chewed up by the youngest participants of the wedding.

In general, etiquette experts recommend that newlyweds take their time. Nervousness and shaking hands can play a cruel joke, and a piece of cake will easily decorate not the plate, but someone’s outfit. Do everything slowly and with pleasure.

By the way, to make it easier for the newlyweds, pastry chefs have come up with an original idea for a tiered wedding cake-cake. Its upper part is made in the form of a classic closing tier with figures of newlyweds or simply with a beautiful decoration. But the bottom tiers are baked in the form of portioned small cakes, which do not need to be cut. Put it on a plate and chew with pleasure!

Wedding and Single Tier Cake

Cutting a single tier wedding cake doesn’t require as much effort as dismembering its tiered wedding table mate. A rectangular single tier cake is easiest to cut. Make neat longitudinal and transverse cuts of equal size – that’s all the wisdom. A round or irregularly shaped cake (heart or oval) is more difficult to cut into identical pieces. Some of the guests may feel that he was deprived of a long-awaited dessert.

The wedding cake is served as the last course in the evening of the celebration. And culinary experts recommend not delaying the process of eating it.

Be prepared for the fact that friends and relatives present at the wedding will want to take a piece of dessert home with them (especially if the wedding was abundantly full of treats). It’s worth taking care of disposable containers so guests can enjoy the main wedding sweet at home.

cut a cake at a wedding

Dessert Tricks

There are still a number of general rules and tips for properly cutting a wedding dessert, regardless of its size and shape:

  1. Keep sponge cakes, cream cakes, yogurt cakes and other soft cakes in the refrigerator until the very last moment. That way they won’t lose their shape or melt in the process.
  2. Cakes with a solid base, on the contrary, keep some time in the heat, so as not to apply unnecessary physical effort.
  3. All inedible elements of the decor should be removed in advance. An uninformed person can bite off a paper decoration, himself unaware, and then complain about the dryness of the cake.
  4. Take a special dessert knife. It has a triangular shape with a wide blade. Do not forget to use a special spatula to accurately place the pieces on the plates. It’s great to use family cutlery, inherited at this moment. So the solemnity of the moment can be multiplied.
  5. The first slices of cake are always intended for the newlyweds themselves, parents and witnesses. Then, if possible, let the waiter do the cake. His task is to arrange portions and treat the remaining guests. But the bride and groom, if desired, can also be involved in this sweet process.

Whatever the wedding cake is, the newlyweds should cut it just the two of them. It’s a tradition. And it’s up to the groom to hold the knife, while the bride should guide the hand of the newly wedded spouse in the process. Slices of cake are also laid out by the groom with a spatula, and his partner only serves plates. This is the first touching moment for the newlyweds as husband and wife when they do something together.

Also, don’t forget to smile while cutting the wedding cake. This moment is sure to be captured by both photographers and videographers. And an overly tense and preoccupied face in the process is not the best shot for a wedding photo.

Traditions of the past

With the development of confectionery craftsmanship, cakes became more popular and desirable treat.

Historians write that the wedding celebration bread existed in the days of ancient Rome. But there it was ceremoniously and ritually broken by hand and distributed to guests rather than cut with a knife.

It is said that there is also a good wedding tradition in the process of eating the cake by the newlyweds. They must be sure to take small bites of each other’s cake. By doing so, the newly married couple show that they are ready to share everything and more in their future family life.