transport a wedding cake

How to transport a wedding cake in the car by yourself

The guests are invited, the outfits are bought, and there are only hours left until the main celebration in life. In addition to the gathering, there is another very important and honorable thing to do – the transportation of the wedding cake to the banquet hall. When looking at the magnificent masterpieces of pastry chefs immediately there is a fear of spoiling the sweetness on the way. To ensure that the holiday was not marred, we propose to get acquainted with a selection of useful tips. Let’s find out how to transport a wedding cake safely.

Recommendations for transporting a wedding dessert

  1. It is preferable to agree in advance with the person who will go for a treat with you. Being behind the wheel, it is difficult to control the situation and keep the cake from falling. Therefore, take someone else with you.
  2. Some people have difficulties not only with how to transport the cake in the car, but also with the delivery of the dessert to her. In order for the treat not to fall, not to stain your clothes from careless movement and not to lose its beauty, you need to carry the cake strictly in a box and keep it under the bottom. The box is also optimal to use a special one, tailored to the size, height and number of tiers of the cake.
  3. Wedding dessert is transported in assembled form, even if its tiers are located on separate stands. Otherwise, in the hall of the celebration, the cake will be impossible to set up beautifully and correctly.
  4. Since there are rarely very few guests at a wedding, the traditional sweetness is of impressive size. To ensure that the decorations and the upper tiers do not shift, you should put the cake in the car on a flat and solid surface, in no case on the seat. A small dessert can be carried on your arms. Larger and more impressive in size treats are allowed to put in a box on the floor or place in the trunk, in the first case, be sure to watch to ensure that the cake does not bend, adhere.
  5. During the transportation of festive treats, it is important to drive the car carefully, at low speed, if possible avoiding sharp turns, hitting potholes. Such precautions allow you to save the decor.
  6. Another harmful factor for the wedding cake is heat. If you are taking the dessert in the cold season, then do not turn on the oven, or at least keep the dainty from it at the maximum distance. Otherwise, the creamy design elements can simply melt, and the confection itself will lose its shape. When transporting a birthday cake in the summer, don’t forget to turn on the air conditioner.
  7. To ensure coolness and safety when transporting a wedding dessert also help batteries, which are sold for refrigerator bags. They should be purchased in advance, placed in the freezer overnight, and then placed under the box with the cake. Frozen plastic containers of water can be used instead of purchased accumulators. If the cake packaging is cardboard, it is preferable to use some kind of cloth or a thick napkin as a gasket between the accumulators and the box. This is necessary to avoid getting wet because of the resulting condensation.
  8. And lastly, the best option for transporting the wedding cake yourself is to invite the pastry chef who made it. In this case, a little slipped cakes or melted decorations he will be able to correct on the spot.

Transporting a wedding cake by yourself is real, although somewhat troublesome and exciting. The main thing is to do it carefully, to ensure stability and the right temperature regime. If you still are not willing to risk the main sweet of the celebration and want to be one hundred percent sure of its safety – use the delivery service confectionery. Professionals will bring the cake at the agreed time in one piece. After all, they have the necessary vehicles, equipment and knowledge.