French wedding cake

French Wedding Cakes

French wedding cakes, such as French fashions, are characterized by ease of chic and displaying an absolute aura of glamour and beauty. Traditionally, a French wedding is topped with a gorgeous croquette. But in today’s global world, both crockembouche and beautifully decorated cakes can share real estate as French wedding centers. Twisted sugar croquembouche. Croquembouche […]

transport a wedding cake

How to transport a wedding cake in the car by yourself

The guests are invited, the outfits are bought, and there are only hours left until the main celebration in life. In addition to the gathering, there is another very important and honorable thing to do – the transportation of the wedding cake to the banquet hall. When looking at the magnificent masterpieces of pastry chefs […]

cut a cake at a wedding

How to cut a cake at a wedding? Cutting the cake together by the newlyweds

It would seem that what could be easier than cutting a wedding cake? The pre-wedding hustle and bustle sometimes makes it so exhausting to solve complex tasks and comply with all the important traditions, that when it comes to the final part, the newlyweds relax and do not always know how to properly handle the […]

wedding cake

Wedding cake decorations with your own hands: decoration and design

Traditionally, wedding cake decorations refer to an exclusive type of culinary art, designed to express in a sweet composition all good wishes for long and happy years of family life, prosperity and unfading love. The effect is achieved by the shape of the cakes, the color of the coating of the cakes and, above all, […]

flowers from mastic

Flowers from mastic by hand step by step for wedding cakes

Flowers from mastic (with your own hands step by step you can do with our material) – a wonderful and very tasty decoration for birthday cakes. Such edible flowers are made from sugar mastic – a convenient plastic material, with which even a novice craftswoman can cope. Learning to make such sweet masterpieces with your […]

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