Rustic wedding cake

Rustic wedding cake: rules and tips for choosing a cake

Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular wedding styles: rustic. And of course the decoration for any wedding ceremony, rustic wedding cake. This is a special concept that came to us from France.

Features of the rustic style

The word rustic literally translates from the French language as simple and rustic. Accordingly, it is these concepts and will represent this direction.

Pastry in the rustic style is good by the fact that it can be made even at home. It is not saturated with complex decorative elements, which means it is easy to do. Absolutely everyone can create such a masterpiece if they wish.

The main thing is to know and understand how and what to make sweetness. Rustic style confectionery has certain features that distinguish it from other directions.

  1. The range of colors is not so wide.
  2. Basically, gentle and pastel shades are presented. Most often, such a treat is made in white, cream, lavender, peach and pistachio colors. An important feature in choosing a tone that is suitable for the confectionery is naturalness. Think carefully about whether such a tone can be found in nature. If it is easy to find, then feel free to use it as the main shade.
  3. When creating a treat, rely on the weight and appearance of the product.
  4. It should look as airy and light as possible. Pay attention to how heavy the cakes look. They should be made small and tiered. If there are few guests at the celebration, then make only one cake of 4-5 cakes. In the case where the wedding is attended by a large number of invitees, then it is worth doing a few individual cakes, but also on 4-5 cakes.
  5. Without decorations, it is impossible to reproduce French rustic.
  6. A rustic wedding cake is decorated with fresh wildflowers, strings and ribbons, connecting it with nature as much as possible. Often elements associated with the countryside are added. These can be cones, birds’ nests (edible figurines).
Rustic wedding cake

Ideas for rustic wedding cake decoration

Despite the seeming simplicity of such a rustic style, it is not possible for everyone to translate it into reality.

Many people are used to decorating and decorating their confectionery in abundance. Here it is important not to do so, so as not to overload the entire image of the dessert. Think well about the main idea. If you will decorate your rustic wedding cake with fresh flowers, there should be nothing on the sweet treat except them.

In the case if you decide to add cones to the confectionery, in addition they can be diluted with spruce branches. Think in advance, on which one decorative element you will concentrate the whole main image of the rustic style.


Minimalism is the basic rule to remember when decorating a wedding dessert. But in this, too, you should observe the boundaries, so that you do not get a completely sparse result. Several types of decorations will suit the French country style. One of these may be the cream fondant. Almost all desserts of this kind are drenched with cream. It gives the effect of lightness and airiness. Extremely rarely mastic is used, as it is quite difficult to pick up the appropriate decorative elements to preserve the concept of rustic.

Cream is used mainly a gentle cream color. Its broad and voluminous strokes are applied both inside the cakes and on top. They look a bit sloppy. However, this is what gives them more appealing.

If the dessert has many tiers, absolutely every tier is covered with cream of the same color. On top, you can arrange a few large peony buds, matching the tone. No other decorative elements are required. Each cake will appeal, and beckon with its flavors.

With flowers

In the event that you want to add originality to the creamy dessert, you can decorate the cakes with logs. In the end, it will seem as if the confection itself resembles a forest stump, on which the cakes stand one on top of the other. It looks original and interesting.

Such a way to decorate the wedding candy will be appreciated by everyone around. If you want, you can add a few flower buds on the uppermost cake. This moment will give the cake a natural appearance.

Note that it is live flowers that take part in the decoration, because only they can give the finished product the naturalness that is required.

To use live plants, you will need to treat them carefully. Alcoholize them, and then wrap them in cellophane film. Only then can you place the flowers on the finished product.


The rustic style is good because it opens up entirely new facets and fashions. If you only dab the cakes between each other, in a different style, it will seem that the product is unsuccessful and unfinished. Quite different is the case with the French village style. Here, such a confection will look most beautiful and harmonious. To create a similar, you need to bake several small cakes, drench them with cream and lay them neatly one on another.

Do not spare the cream, there should be a lot of it. It usually starts to come out from the sides, creating a feeling of maximum fullness. In addition, the top of such products are decorated with berries, flowers and fruit.

If you decide to stop at the fruit, then choose as much as possible dachshund and simple options. These can be pears, apples, and raspberries. The beauty of this kind of stylistic direction is that the fruit used is not cut up, and as a whole put on the product. As a result, it creates the feeling that an apple has just fallen from the top branch, accidentally ending up on the plate.

The rustic cake is incredibly simple and natural. It is as homemade and delicious as possible. To create it, high-quality products are used. Such a cake is desired by many newlyweds, regardless of the focus of the celebration itself.

Such a dessert can easily be made by yourself, adding your love and warmth to it. It is best to take the cake out at the beginning of the evening, at the sweet table. Then the guests will have a unique opportunity to capture themselves next to such a masterpiece.