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Wedding Mousse Cake with Mirror Frosting

When preparing for a wedding reception, every detail is important. And often the choice of the cake is given no less attention than the choice of the venue or the newlyweds’ outfits. This is not surprising, because a beautiful dessert can decorate any holiday. Like any other dessert, wedding mousse cake has its own characteristics of preparation and serving. About them we will tell you. 

The role of the dessert

Today, serving a wedding cake is a beautiful ritual, which involves not only the bride and groom, but also all the guests. After all, all guests are treated to a treat, and the first “tastiest” piece is usually sold.

The cake is usually served at the very end of the feast, it is a kind of culmination. And traditionally, the cake symbolizes the sweet, full life of the newlyweds.


Unlike cakes with mastic, which look very beautiful, but not everyone will like it, the mousse cake for the wedding has a very delicate and at the same time rich texture.

The mousse itself is usually made from sheet gelatin, yolks, sugar, milk and cream. Chocolate, vanilla, cocoa, honey and food colorings are used as additional ingredients. They give the mousse a special taste and color. Another important part of any dessert: biscuit. In this case, it can be anything: red velvet, lemon, brownie, coconut. It just depends on your taste and imagination. You can also add a crunchy layer, jelly, whole berries or nuts inside the dessert.

The design is just as important as its taste. It is customary to decorate a wedding mousse cake with fresh flowers, mastic figures, berries and fruits. It is also possible to make and edible sugar flowers, but they are quite difficult to make, so they will take up not every master. And the traditional wedding figurines – the bride and groom, rings, doves – are gradually becoming a thing of the past. In this case, in the pursuit of beauty figures are often used not the most delicious components, such as vegetable fat.

One of the latest trends can be called the manufacture in a minimalist design. Thus, monochrome mirror desserts or cakes with a delicate color transition look very laconic and stylish.

A mousse cake will suit absolutely any style of wedding. So, if your celebration has a certain color, then you can order a dessert of the right shade with contrasting details. For example, rustic weddings have been very popular recently. For such a holiday, you can make a multi-layered cake and decorate it with fresh berries or fruit.

Baking with mirror icing

Wedding mousse cake with mirror icing is a trend of recent years. It attracts attention with its originality and elegance. Such a cake does not contain any unnecessary details, but it looks very beautiful. The filling and biscuit can be any. But to prepare a mirror frosting is not so easy.

You will need gelatin, high-quality white chocolate, food coloring, sugar and water. It is very important to combine all the components in a certain sequence and at a certain temperature, which can often be done only by an experienced confectioner.

Most of the recipes for the glaze also imply 12 hours of aging in the refrigerator. And the most important task is to carefully pour the icing over the base of the cake, so that it is evenly distributed.

It is not recommended to put heavy figures on top, so that the light mousse layer does not fail. Therefore, to decorate it is worth choosing berries or fruits, light floral arrangements.

Technologies for assembling wedding mousse cakes differ from the assembly of ordinary cakes. When assembling, several methods are used at once. The rod in the middle, the backing between the tiers and a few skewers will help you to stop worrying about the safety of the dessert. Before serving, be sure to explain to the restaurant staff that there will be inedible items in the dessert. They can always be taken out completely unnoticed.

Don’t forget that you should take care of ordering the main dessert in advance, or better yet, a few months before the wedding. Then you can have an original dessert with beautiful and unusual details!